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“Changes in the brain, maternal instinct and a scientific field to explore”

Podcast Maternity

A podcast about maternity, hosted by Bel Zaballa. In this episode they interview two researchers from our project, Anna Soler and Camila Servin.

From the moment of fertilization, the woman’s body prepares to welcome the future baby, to feed it, to give birth. Hormones and organs undergo a series of changes for this purpose. In fact, it is often said that motherhood changes you, that it transforms you, that you are not the same as you were before. And they are not expressions and enough, sensations and enough. Because just as hormones prepare the body and modify it, there are also changes in the brain. In this case, brain modifications prepare the mother for the stage to come. In the studies done so far, it has been discovered, for example, that these brain changes take place in areas related to empathy and that they are maintained even after six years. And many more things still need to be discovered.

These questions are investigated by the Be Mother project, with the participation of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the Hospital del Mar, and which also collaborates with the NeuroMaternal research team, at state level. We have invited two of the project’s pre-doctoral researchers, Anna Soler and Camila Servin, to tell us what goes on inside our heads when we are mothers.

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