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Welcome to Bemother Project (BabyBrain)

Discover with us how the woman's brain changes during her first pregnancy

What is BeMother?

BeMother is a project of the UAB, the IMIM and the IISGM, directed by Dr. Òscar Vilarroya, with funding from the European Research Council (ERC) and the La Caixa Foundation.

In our research, we hypothesized that pregnancy-related morphological brain changes may confer an adaptive advantage to motherhood in several ways. For example, facilitating a mother’s ability to recognize her baby’s needs, promoting the mother-baby bond and easily detecting social stimuli that signal potential threats.

Currently, we are also interested in learning about the brain changes that take place in non-pregnant mothers in their transition to motherhood.


Participants in the project


Women who have achieved pregnancy


Women who have already had their first baby


Sessions that we have carried out

The project

BeMother has used several methods for the study. Saliva and urine samples to evaluate hormones among other metabolomic measurements, clinical and neuropsychological evaluations to evaluate various aspects of the brain and relate it to postpartum mental disorders and magnetic resonance to obtain brain images of maximum resolution.

The study consists of 5-6 sessions held at the facilities of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation and we have had many participants!

Thank you all!

Our participants

Being a mother is an amazing experience, I'm very interested in knowing what goes on inside our brains! Together, we can move research forward!

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At BeMother they have been very kind and adapted to my needs at all times. Participating was very simple. I encourage you to collaborate on the project!

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Being a mother is an amazing experience, I'm very interested in knowing what goes on inside our brains! How eager to know the results of the study!

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Dissemination activities


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Collaborate with us!

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