Anna Soler

Anna received her Bachelor’s in psychology at the University of Barcelona in 2013. She became an expert in clinical neuropsychology throughout the earning of a master’s degree in applied neuroscience in educational and child studies at the University of Leiden (2013), a master’s degree in neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation and another one in neuropsychology and behavioral neurology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She began her PHD in psychiatry in 2020 at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her PHD belongs to the ongoing research longitudinal project Be Mother, which investigates the hormonal, the neuropsychological and the structural brain changes that occur during pregnancy and last for the postpartum period. These changes underly adaptations for motherhood that promote mother-to-infant bond. She primary focuses her research on studying the effects of sex steroids on women’s mental health over the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and the postpartum period.